General introduction Oberon

Oberon is an independent institute for educational research and consultancy. We work from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Our aim is to intertwine and unite educational science, policymaking and practice. To improve education and learning, we stress the value of connections. Connections between different stakeholders, between policy making and daily practice in schools, between research and consultancy, between the present and the future. We make sure our reports and advice are based on well-grounded and meaningful research whilst maintaining a focus on making a difference in the day-to-day practice in schools.

Oberon works at local, regional, national and international levels, for councils and different levels of government, for schoolboards, the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research and several national and international associations.

With over 20 years’ experience we support our clients with tailored research solutions for the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of educational policy.

With a team of about 30 researchers, Oberon is active in the following sectors:

-          Early childhood education and care

-          Primary and secondary education

-          Vocational education and training

-          Higher education

Our research addresses several key topics

-          Equality in education and youth at risk

-          Effective interventions in early childhood education

-          Inclusive education and student support

-          Local educational policy making

-          Continuous professional development and human resource management in schools

-          Quality of teaching and learning

-          Assessments and innovation

-          Educational Governance

-          School effectiveness

-          Student success and early school leaving